Crowdfunding positive change in Africa.

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Who is T160k?

We are a team of crowdfunders, supporters of culture, and developers who believe that with technology, everyone can participate in positive change. We hand-pick projects where crowdfunding can have the greatest impact, and we share their stories with the world.

T160k is a Social Purpose Corporation formed to promote the sustainable development of cultural heritage for the greater benefit of the global community.

How does it work?

Through T160k, you can become a part of these cultural and artistic projects in sub-Saharan Africa, supporting them with a monthly sponsorship or one-time contribution. Or you can simply learn more about their work and help spread the word.

Many of these projects represent ongoing needs, which is why we are asking for monthly pledges. We are trying to build sustainable funding. You may always choose to make a one-time pledge or cancel your ongoing sponsorship at any time.

Our network of contacts on the ground in Africa helps us find these projects and share the results of work you’ve helped fund so you can be sure your contribution is being used well.

Why are you crowdfunding this?

Crowdfunding has an amazing ability to gather a global community around worthy projects that might otherwise go unfunded or un-noticed. We believe that it’s one of the best ways for people to have a positive impact and get involved in culture and art in Africa.

How are contributions collected?

When you contribute, your card will not be billed right away. Contributions are collected in the last week of the month. You always have the option of cancelling your sponsorship or contribution. 85% of funds collected are used to directly support the work in Africa. T160k collects a 15% fee to cover operating costs and develop our platform. Our payment provider charges an additional 2.9% on credit card transactions.

To learn more about our work or to ask us a question, email