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Help us in the work of cultural preservation and advancement in Africa.

About us

In 2012, at great personal risk, a community of archivists, librarians, and couriers gathered to rescue the priceless written heritage of Timbuktu from destruction at the hand of fundamentalist rebels. T160k was deeply involved in the work to preserve these rescued manuscripts. Now we’re preparing to continue and expand this work across Africa.

Our history

Our Indiegogo campaign, Libraries in Exile became an international effort forged in the evacuation of these treasures from Timbuktu and dedicated to protecting and preserving them until they can be returned to their home. It is the center of a growing global family who have pledged to this urgent effort.

Funds contributed to this project were used to purchase moisture traps, archival boxes, and the additional footlockers required to safely store these manuscripts, as well as to cover the significant labor effort required to unbox and re-pack the manuscripts for preservation. Effort is ongoing today to continue the preservation and prepare over 200,000 manuscripts for cataloging.

The future

New things are in store for the near future of T160k! To learn more, sign up to receive updates, visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Please let us know if you’re interested in helping to further the work of cultural preservation and artistic creativity in Africa through volunteer work or spreading the word on social media.

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